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Dr. Jeffrey Maehara was the absolute best. I was scared to death to get lasik eye surgery done but with his calming and reassuring voice of reason(and the help of a much needed teddy bear to squeeze) I got through it and have 20/20 vision once more! Now there were a few hiccups after, with being extra sensitive to light, starbursts around lights at night, and dry eyes, but after some medicated eye drops and wearing sunglasses a lot more these side effects slowly went away and now I just keep some eye drops for my dryness that only happens here and there. Dr. Maehara’s office staff were so welcoming and friendly and quick to help me set up appointments so I could get in and see them in a timely manner before and after the surgery. They were also very efficient with getting the proper tests done so each visit went smoothly so each person had plenty of time to talk to the doctor and not feel rushed or waiting around for too long. If I had to do it all over again I would. Don’t know what I was so scared of but my quality of life is better for it and I’m thankful.
Christi Van Buskirk
Doctor and office staff are friendly and would recommend everyone to consider this practice for their eye care needs.
Pablo Herrera
In March of 2022 I had both right and left eye cataract surgery. I could not have asked for a better experience. From my initial appointment to my 3 month follow-up, I have always felt that Jeffrey Maehara had nothing but my best interest in mind. I chose multi-focal lenses with the hope of no longer being dependent on glasses. The surgery was a complete success. I can see beautifully without glasses for the first time in over 40 years. The surgery went well with no side effects. My recovery went off smoothly. Dr. Maehara says that my vision will continue to improve over the next several months. Even if it got no better than it is today, I would be very pleased. To imagine that it may be better is a bonus. I would recommend this Doctor and the lenses he chose for me to anyone needing to have cataract surgery. The office staff is pleasant and caring. Do yourself a favor and see Dr. Jeffrey Maehara to have your surgery. You won't be sorry.
Pat Hassell
Great experience with Dr. Maehara and his team. I was skeptical at first to do Lasik surgery but after a free consultation I felt confident to pull the trigger. The procedure was very quick and painless. I'm still in the recovery process but im stoked to now have 20/15 vision! I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to get Lasik.
Professional, friendly and helpful.
A Young
Eye surgery is a little daunting. It’s your eyes and your ability to see!! In order to feel comfortable and confident about having the surgery, choosing the right doctor is important. For me, having a surgeon like Dr. Jeffrey Maehara really made this whole process enjoyable, if that could be possible. Dr. Maehara as my surgeon brought the added bonus of a wonderful and efficient office staff and the best team at Surgicare of Hawaii. Dr. Maehara’s explanation of the procedure and technology that would be used during surgery was easy to understand and gave me an appreciation of his experience and knowledge. I felt very comfortable asking all the questions that came to mind, which he patiently and thoughtfully answered. It was like talking to a friend…a knowledgeable and smart friend. No issues during and after surgery. Amazing results and didn’t realize how bad my eyes were before surgery. Post-surgery visits were quick and efficient and allowed me to ask even more questions!! I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Maehara. I would encourage anyone who wants laser eye correction surgery or needs cataract with or without astigmatism correction to see Dr. Jeffrey Maehara, you’ll be so happy you did.
Aunte Em
A big thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Maehara and all of the great staff for their professional, efficient, thorough and courteous services. Dr. Jeffrey provided a thorough consultation and put me in the drivers seat to make the best decision for the future of my vision. There were no surprises and everything that I hoped for has happened. I still can't believe I don't have to deal with contact lenses, in everything from driving to playing sports without any vision correction as well as being able to read the clock when waking instead of fumbling for the "glasses". If anyone is considering this, I would fully recommend Dr. Jeffrey Maehara. We will "see" you again.
Darren Halbert
I was drawn to this clinic for the family-oriented office setting and positive reviews, however I am a lifelong patient for the care I have received here. The ease, lightheartedness, and yet comforting & thorough explanations of all procedures and services is what I love best about Dr. Jeff Maehara and his team. There is no doubt that Dr. Jeff has a passion that is embodied in his expertise and special care to the services offered. The whole team that was a part of my healing process made me feel like family, leaving me with a smile from their lighthearted humor and kindness. The technology that was used was top of the line and my experience was overall relaxing and joyous. One of the best investments I have made for my life is going through with my services here and waking up to see the beautiful fine details of life I didn’t know I was missing. The care of Dr. Maehara has been top notch and I’m so grateful I have found this spot! What a blessing.
Isabella Dagher
Dr. Jeffrey Maehara and his staff are amazing. After all these years contemplating Lasik Eye Surgery, I finally did it. Dr. Jeff Maehara made my experience with the whole process, so easy, from start to finish. He is straight to the point, answers all your questions and concerns. I am grateful for my new found vision and it’s thanks to Dr. Jeff Maehara. Go see him for all your vision needs.
Brandy Gomes
I initially met Dr. Maehara after suffering from various ailments such as being lethargic, lack of focus, lack of energy and always being tired. Dr. Maehara assessed my symptoms and put me on a treatment plan. I can honestly say that Dr. Maehara changed my life! I am back to being active again, being able to focus, I sleep better now and I’m able to excercise and work out with no problems and my recoveries are quick! I used to spend hundreds in vitamins and supplements a month but now I receive treatment from Dr. Maehara every 4 months and I feel 100 times better! I’ve been seeing Dr. Maehara for approximately 5 years now and I can honestly say that he is the best out there. He definitely knows what he is doing and takes the time to explain each process. I’ve since referred many of my friends and coworkers and they all agree that Dr. Maehara is a life changer. If you want to feel better, look better and feel younger….. check out Hawaii Wellness MD!!
chris Kim

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