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The aging process is one of those things in life that is truly inevitable. Although nothing can stop you from getting older, you can take certain steps to age gracefully and age well. Taking good care of your body is a great way to encourage youthful vitality from the inside, out. While we offer treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic and Fillers to effectively soften the signs of aging at a skin-deep level, a healthy lifestyle combined with regenerative therapy address aging at a cellular level.

The Best Anti-Aging: Eating Well and Exercise!

Sometimes the most basic measures are the ones we don’t want to take. Lifestyle modification is the most difficult “pill” for any patient to accept. Eating well, staying active, limiting the unhealthy habits in your life – all of these basics are a good way to age well. In advanced age, it’s also important to stay socially connected. All too often our senior citizens become isolated. Stay in touch with old friends and seek out new friendships. It’s an important part of overall wellness.

Directed Supplementation

Based on comprehensive lab testing, family history, and clinical findings, our physician will make recommendations for “directed” pharmaceutical grade supplementation. Many patients take a bowl full of supplements on a daily basis, but when asked why they take each pill they will have no reasonable answer. Furthermore, the quality and absorption level of generic supplements are highly questionable. Taking every supplement you’ve heard “is good for you” is neither cost-effective or safe. Physcian-directed supplementation is a customized approach based on your body’s individual deficits and requirements. This targeted approach is effective to fight inflammation associated with the natural aging process, support metabolic functions of longevity, improve common health conditions, and counter or limit many undesirable effects of prescribed medications.

Hormone Therapy

Hormones – particularly estrogen, progesterone and testosterone – naturally decline as we age. These hormonal imbalances are in part responsible for some of the less desirable effects of aging: weight gain, sleeplessness, loss of lean muscle, fatigue, impaired concentration. By introducing specific hormones into the body, we can level out some of these imbalances. First, blood work must be completed to get accurate levels and to see which hormones could use a boost. Hormones may be administered via implantable pellet, a pill or a topical cream. We specialize in all forms of bioidentical hormones. Over time, you should start feeling a reduction in the undesirable symptoms listed above as your hormones are replenished.


One of the hottest topics in age-management is Peptides. Peptides (as referred to in the anti-aging world) are short amino acid chains that directly or indirectly regulate body function and metabolism. Many Peptides can mimic particular benefits of Growth Hormone- and that is probably a major reason behind their popularity. Most Peptides are delivered by injection with a tiny needle several times per week.

Depending on the Peptide, the desired effect may be weight loss, muscle or strength gain, reduced inflammation, rapid repair from injury, increased energy, improved sleep… and the list goes on. Some peptides are recognized to improve specific medical conditions. Peptides can be further broken down in to “secretogues.” These peptides can enhance the release or effect of natural Growth hormone within the body.

Although the popular Peptide GEREF (Sermorelin) was FDA approved, most Peptides are not FDA approved and their use remains off-label. Regardless, the use of Peptides is commonplace in modern age-management medicine.

Assessing Your Goals and Treatment Options

Arrange a consultation if you are ready to learn more about anti-aging treatments using regenerative medicine techniques. Hormonal therapy and other methods may be the right way to restore youthfulness from the inside out!

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