Hormone Pellet Implantation

Regain your body’s youthfulness and vitality

For decades, researchers have studied and published results on the positive impact of Hormone Pellet Implantation. It is the premier method of hormone regulation in both men and women. Hormone pellets are an efficient, safe, and natural way of balancing hormone levels in the body. No creams, patches, or pills are required as the Hormone Pellet Implantation saves you time by putting the hormones directly where they are needed. The hassle of traditional hormone replacement is completely eliminated by pellet therapy

hormone pellet implantation

Why Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Often viewed as the “Bentley” of hormone replacement, pellet therapy is quick, simple, and highly effective. Pellet therapy boasts the most uniform hormone delivery and the simplest lifestyle over a 3-4 month period - allowing the patient to focus on living life to the fullest, rather than what time to apply daily creams, injections, and getting refills. Pellets are inserted only 3-4 times a year and the painless in-office process takes 15 minutes or less. Dr. Maehara only uses pure bioidentical hormone pellets which means the hormones are biologically and chemically identical to the same hormones your body produces. NO synthetic ingredients!!!

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Hormone Pellet Benefits

There are many benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy. The treatment method allows for a consistent delivery of hormones, restoring balance and function without the hassle of applying daily applications of creams, gells, or injections.

Consistent Hormone Delivery

Creams, pills, and patches can deliver varying levels of hormones like estrogen and testosterone to your body. Based on the amount of cream you apply, the concentration, your skin hydration, and how well you "rub in" the meditation - you can experience vastly variable absorption. Pellets ensure everything is distributed at the right doses when the bodt needs it.

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